“H” Distinction

It’s fundamental for us to prevent and reduce any food-borne diseases among national and foreign tourists. Addressing this will prepare our staff to improve on food safety issues.

The “H” Distinction is a recognition granted by the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Health to those fixed food and beverage establishments: (restaurants in general, hotel restaurants, cafeterias, etc.), for complying with the hygiene standards set by Mexico: NMX-F605 NORMEX 2004.

Program “H” is 100% preventive, which ensures the warning of a contamination that could cause a foodborne disease; this program includes a training program for 80% of the operating personnel and 100% of the middle and senior management personnel, this training is guided by a consultant registered with a profile in the chemical-medical-biological area.

What is the training about?

This training consists in offering the personnel working in the food and beverage areas, a series of recommendations and techniques for washing, disinfecting, cleaning, storing, freezing, refrigerating, defrosting, personal hygiene, etc.

Getting the “H” Distinction means we’ve been following all the standards from the Ministry of Tourism when it comes to food safety. We know this will help us improve on the way we work to make your stay memorable and comfortable!

Distintivo H

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