Summer Vacation Checklist

Summer Pool

Summer is right around the corner!

Believe us, we take your trip very seriously. That’s why we want to make this an unforgettable summer at Hard Rock Hotel Vallarta!

Unplug, relax and follow our ultimate checklist for your summer vacation so you don’t forget anything!

1. A sun hat that sets the tone for your vacation

Summer Hat Vallarta

2. Add some sunscreen. Extra tip: also add a lip balm with SPF (You’ll thank us later)

3. Multiple swimsuits, because 1 is really not enough.

4. Sunglasses, you will look like a total rockstar while keeping your eyes safe from the sun.


5. Floats! You can pick a simple design or just go over the top and get a swan float. We feature two swimming pools, a kid’s pool, and two outdoor hot tubs.


6. And while you’re at it, buy one for your drink too.

7. Bring that book you’ve always wanted to read but had no time to do it.


8. Activewear, we have plenty of o activities for you, from tennis to yoga. You can hit recreational activities every day, including beach volleyball and soccer, tennis, bike tours, morning walks, stretching classes, dance instruction, Spanish lessons and live music throughout the resort.

9. And last but not least, bring a rockstar attitude to enjoy an unforgettable summer filled with amazing memories.

Rock This Summer

In conclusion, we really want you to enjoy yourself at Hard Rock Hotel Vallarta, if you suddenly find yourself without nothing to do (which is rare) we invite you to follow our upcoming events, we update our calendars every week!

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