13 Reasons to never visit Hard Rock Hotel Vallarta

  1. People are always talking about Hard Rock Hotel Vallarta being a great experience for vacation. Hard Rock Hotel Vallarta
  2. All of them must be terribly wrong. All Inclusive Vacation
  3. What’s the obsession with the beach? Haven’t you seen enough pictures like this on Instagram? Hard Rock Hotel Vallarta Beach
  4. And don’t even consider travelling with kids. They’ll be bored to death with so many activities, games, desserts and colors! Family Friendly Resort Hard Rock Hotel Vallarta
  5. A time for spa during your stay? No thanks, I want to keep my stress. 12036485_970191349754600_2923735558042318995_n
  6. A wedding in the beach? It probably isn’t as fun as it looks like. All Inclusive Weddings Hard Rock Hotel Vallarta
  7. It must be difficult to vacation in a place completely devoid of color! Sunset at Hard Rock Hotel Vallarta
  8. If you don’t like to swim, there’s nothing else to do. 11159448_759775354129535_8914568525734291938_n
  9. It must be incredibly difficult to find something decent to eat! Organic food at Hard Rock Hotel Vallarta
  10. Breakfast in bed? Not when I can cook for myself and wash the dishes after. Room-Service
  11. Music and dancing everywhere you go? No thanks, music never makes me dance. Concerts at Hard Rock Hotel Vallarta
  12. There is no cultural heritage to learn about. Night shows at Hard Rock Hotel Vallarta
  13. You must now be convinced there’s nothing to see here! Sunset at Hard Rock Hotel Vallarta

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