Introducing Wax.®, the new member of Sound of Your Stay®

Wax, part of Sound of your Stay program

Spread the word! Hard Rock Hotel Vallarta has always had the surprise element. From jaw-dropping beach sceneries, five-star accommodations to state of the art cuisine, Hard Rock Hotel Vallarta bring music and people together. The newest addition to our beloved The Sound of Your Stay® program is Wax.®, which has taken the summer by surprise.

The ultimate foolproof Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and we’ve got you covered. Make this special date disappointment free with grand romantic gestures and without the usual stress. Surprise each other with a dream vacation getaway. Nothing says romance like a spontaneous trip to the all-inclusive paradise. Now that you are in paradise, let romance guide you.

Bicycle ride through Nuevo Vallarta

Do you remember when you were little, learning to ride a bike with your mum or dad, holding the back of your seat so you wouldn’t crash into a tree or a car? Do you remember when they took their hands of? And you riding without help or training wheels? – That amazing feeling of freedom

My New Year’s Resolutions

1. Play more.  (photo credit: @lauraterepocki) 2. Make the trip of a lifetime.  3. Make every night memorable.  4. Always find time for myself.  5. Appreciate every sunset.  6. Learn something new.   (photo credit: @marioalfonso09) 7. Try new foods.  8. Enjoy every adventure.  9. Cherish our family time.  10. Love every moment of my life.  Thank

Introducing Hard Rock Heals Suite,

Part of the Hard Rock Heals Foundation Music is energy; it stirs emotions, inspires, connects, and restores. The Hard Rock Heals Foundation exists to improve lives through the power of music. HEALING SUITE At Hard Rock, we understand that life is often lived on the edge of healthy and hectic. That’s why Hard Rock has

Semana gastronómica en la Riviera Nayarit

Uno de los eventos más importantes de México y de América Latina se prepara para su 8va edición, nuevamente, con la presencia de chefs de renombre tanto nacional como internacional. Este año se contará con un total de 6 estrellas Michelin en la persona de 4 chefs, el Chef Jordi Roca, galardonado con este premio

Celebrity Sightings at Hard Rock Hotel Vallarta

Celebrity Sightings at Hard Rock / September 2016 Cosmo Pool Party People are still talking about Vallarta’s most unforgettable party, the Cosmo Bikini Bash. Guests and celebrities enjoyed the summer sun by the pool and rocked out to an exclusive concert by Mexico’s top pop band, Playa Limbo. Exceptional beach views and music made Hard Rock

Why do we love the Little Big Club™?

The Little Big Club™ and the all-inclusive Hard Rock Hotel Vallarta has got you covered with enough good times, family fun, and epic memories to share for a lifetime. Your kids can play with other kids their age. They can discover and explore on their own or with their families. The Little Big Club™ has a

Beach, Sunsets & Rock n’ Roll

If anyone has ever thought about the perfect mix that can make holidays the perfect journey, surely arrived to the same conclusion over and over again; Hard Rock Hotel Vallarta, a true Pacific treasure, equally ideal for all families and grown ups seeking to get rid of stress & a space only for them; it

13 Reasons to never visit Hard Rock Hotel Vallarta

People are always talking about Hard Rock Hotel Vallarta being a great experience for vacation.  All of them must be terribly wrong.  What’s the obsession with the beach? Haven’t you seen enough pictures like this on Instagram?  And don’t even consider travelling with kids. They’ll be bored to death with so many activities, games, desserts